Lycio Release Nightfall A Dose Of Intoxicating Intimacy

Lycio release Nightfall a dose of intoxicating intimacy rallied with unadulterated passion. The distinctive, powerful vocals on Nightfall evoke and bequeath emotional savagery as it intertwines with the instrumentals. Metaphorically it’s like naked bodies mingling and melding into one.

“When I wrote the lyrics, I wrote them in a headspace of raw sexuality, I wanted there to be an air of hunger throughout. Down to the way it’s sung, the drawl of my vocal. I want this track to make people feel things and feel a certain way. Funnily enough I had two tracks in mind when writing the lyrics, Wicked Game (Chris Isaak) and Mondo Bongo (Joe Strummer & The Mescaleros), which are both equally saucy songs. So there you have it, Nightfall.” – Lycio

There is an unquenchable hunger in the very fiber of the song created in the intimacy of the way it’s sung. The soaring vocals create an intensity, while the lyrics parade an absence of inhibitions. It beggars for animalistic instincts to take full control allowing basic desires to rule supreme, revealing one’s enneagram.