Luciana Zogbi Ushers Us Into 2022 With Red Sun

by Marcus Adetola

31st December, 2021

Luciana Zogbi Ushers Us Into 2022 With Red Sun

As 2021 draws to an end, it is instinctive to cling to the past as we look forward into the future with some uncertainty. Doubt and anxiety are some of the feelings that prelude the unknown future. However, Luciana Zogbi helps as a transcendent guide as she ushers us into the new year with Red Sun. It is a soothing and heartfelt song with thoughtful lyrics swimming in a myriad of enchanting melodies with an eclectic touch.

The tranquil instruments and tones create an inspiring ambiance that emanates positivity and profound confidence to embrace the future.

Regardless of what it might hold, we know we are strolling into the new year with the words of Luciana Zogbi.

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