Lucas DiPasquale Hears The Siren Song On New Release Begging For The Tide

by Lucy Lerner

9th June, 2021

With glistening acoustic chords, a blend of genres and a soaring chorus, Lucas DiPasquale shines on his release Begging For The Tide. When writing the song he envisioned his love as a “warm wave of ocean water” and the textures of the song and lyrics certainly carries those thoughts. DiPasquale’s dreamy vocals remind you of the sun sparkling on loose waves.

Now this bed is an island
Clothes in the wind, no ship in sight
I’m staring at the horizon
In the curve of your hip, right down to your thigh
I feel like I’m caught in the undertow
I don’t remember where we docked the boat

Lucas DiPasquale introduces a shimmering soundscape on Begging For The Tide, the perfect song to add to your romantic playlists for all you lovers out there.

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