Lu Wright: Music Calms Me And Helps Navigate My Emotions

by Lu Wright

5th March, 2021

Lu Wright: Music Calms Me And Helps Navigate My Emotions

In the spring of 2020, I was cracking on with my EP to be released that summer (summer of 2020). After the lockdown was announced it meant that I was no longer able to sit with my producer in his studio together. The start of the first lockdown began in complete panic and so many unanswered questions. Would I not be able to go into the studio and finish off the EP? Could I afford to create a mini studio at home and not even know how long I would need it for?

I decided to take the time to completely focus on my 5 track EP and called it Notes To Self, each song is exactly that. Noting pivotal moments of self-reflection, growth and worth and carries forward a subtle message of positivity. I then spent a long time thinking about how I could progress things sonically, what other textures or colour could I add to the songs. I asked myself, should we slow down or speed up the track? Should we add some more instruments? Questioning the motives and actions of the songs was beneficial for me. All virtually done, this led me and my producer experimenting with the tracks more, adding cool and niche effects. I added a muted trumpet to my debut single, British Daisy, this took the song to another level. I learnt a lot about why I like things done in a certain way and who influenced my songs the most.

The musical aspects for the EP were improving massively as my whole time was focused on that. However, I was not able to complete the vocals on them, which was frustrating, but when the time came in the summer of
2020, I was heavily prepared.

Whilst things did end up ok for my EP in the end, my mental health was lacking in the first lockdown. My grandmother died within the first week of confinement which set the scene. Seeing my mum sad was difficult, not being able to go and see a friend to talk about it or go out with as a distraction was tricky too. I write a lot with mental health in mind, as it is a part of my life and influences me every day. The title of my debut single British Daisy stems from the typically British trait of putting a brave face when something doesn’t go right or you are unhappy. When we should say what we mean and acknowledge the fact that we are all fragile. My mental health fluctuates, a bit like a balloon. If everything is going well and the company of friends is boosting me up, I will be the most colourful and full of life. However, when things aren’t going as well and people around me are struggling too, I will deflate.

When I was younger, I used to call my anxiety “worrying problems”. I would over worry and think about friends, exams, boys, beauty and the list goes on. My mum was an incredible support and even though she might have not experienced anxiety herself, she tried to understand it and was amazing. My anxiety was really bad after the first lockdown but has improved immensely since finishing the EP and I’m now feeling more in control. Music calms my nightmares and has helped me navigate my emotions, especially in these hard times.

I have also spent the last year focusing on my social platforms, these are incredible tools to build a status for yourself. You never know who might contact you from where and I have got to grips with it being a part of my career. In the beginning, I kept comparing myself to others i.e. she has much nicer clothes than me, wow they write way more songs than I do, how did he make his photos so cool. But as years go by, I meet more faces of these faces behind the social accounts and they are genuinely just regular people like you and me, they just might spend much more time and effort on it or they might not have something that you have.

Obviously, the creativity in my music has been tainted by Covid. I get inspiration from moments, memories, people, colour, events and gigs. I have been looking back through old photo albums and coming up with ideas to inspire me.

On reflection, I’ve learnt a lot this year. I’ve learnt to trust my instincts, to be patient and to let a song rest before adding unnecessary parts to it. I will also continue to write and release music with mental health in mind because if it helps one person momentarily feel happy, or know they are not alone in their everyday battles – then I think I’ve done a good job.

I’m so excited to finally get to share my Notes To Self EP on May 27 2021.

Lu Wright’s new single What I Like is out now.

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