LOVA Is her Own Worst Enemy releasing hit after hit. Does this girl with a dulcet tone able to replace your cravings for sweet pancakes take a break? The answer is no, as she has just dropped Own Worst Enemy. A satisfying and relatable song littered with LOVA’s quick wits and quirkiness. In truth, it’s a serious issue, but LOVA glosses over it nonchalantly, making it fun and vibrant. 

“If you were to ask me how I would sound If I was a song, I think this would’ve been it. ‘Own Worst Enemy’ is raw and honest, playful and quirky, self-critical and personal but also flirtatious and badass, just like me. In this song, I talk a lot about my inner struggles and insecurities & one of them is that I’ve always tried to be the ‘perfect girl.’ So this song is a perfect introduction to my mind and for people to get to know me on a deeper and more personal level. But it’s also fun, feel good and is a perfect song for the Spring. So I hope that people want to dance to it as well!” – LOVA

The lyrics parade LOVA’s realism like a badge. It’s refreshing and certain to garner mass appeal. Also, it makes us mortals feel special, knowing everyone has off days and doubts filled with if’s.

I need some fucked up stories for my biography
Rock stars pulling up to my eulogy
And they say, “Rest in peace to the baddest fucking bitch
That you’ll ever gonna meat,” yeah
Always been a real control freak
You will never catch me smoking weed
Maybe I should get high?
At least I know I tried, even if I don’t like it

There’s no denying the massive talent this young Swede has and I am eagerly anticipating her next release. It is sure to be a hit judging by LOVA’S talent and work ethic. NO PRESSURE!