Lose Yourself In The Reassuring Tones Of Anxiety By COATSAnxiety by COATS makes you feel anything but uneasy with its rich, throbbing soundscape. It cocoons you in a bubble where you feel warm, safe, and protected. As it’s about feeling anxious and not wanting to leave your bed it’s a very clever trick as you are not given the choice but to lose yourself in the reassuring tones of the song, “sometimes I get stuck in my head“.

COATS is saying you can’t be defined by anxiety, “there’s so much more than you can see, it’s just anxiety“. It’s almost like a letter to someone who is trying to understand his feelings and see past the stigma.

I know I lose my mind,
I know I like to cry,
Sometimes a million times,
But you’re still so patient

Anxiety is so light and airy with vocals that float on cotton wool clouds. COATS manages to convey through healing tones that no matter how you are feeling, you cannot let that define who you are.
Be free, be proud, be yourself.

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