Laying on grass, surrounded by daisies, wondering where the clouds are drifting to. Losing yourself as your feet sink deeper into the sand. Smelling the sea, feeling the breeze and dreaming that every day would be like this one. That’s what I felt listening to the first 20 seconds of ‘Skin on Skin’ by Callaghan.

Sadly, I’m not laying on grass right now because if I was I think I’d get some weird looks and catch a cold, not what I want. However, with Callaghan’s silky-smooth vocals she has the power in her music to take you to anywhere you choose. Now that’s talent. The British born singer who moved to America due to a collaboration with Grammy Nominee Shawn Mullins via MySpace (yep that old thing) has released her long-awaited EP ‘Skin on Skin.’ A super talented artist with a new EP, Callaghan is a three-time BBC Radio 2 playlisted artist (a bit of a mouthful) and has her own tour hitting the UK in April 2018. There’s no stopping her now.

‘Skin on Skin’ was produced in Hollywood by Anthony Resta and co-written by Callaghan herself. Jeff Siblar, who was one of the writers on the iconic track ‘The Wind Beneath My Wings’, also co-wrote a few songs on the EP too. Imagine having them on your team.

‘All through the night’ is the fifth track on the EP, with the prelude being the fourth because it’s that beautiful! The track sounds like it belongs on a John Lewis Christmas advertisement with the melody hitting your heartstrings. However, the lead single on the Ep ‘Better Together’ is an uplifting song. We all enjoy a happy song that brightens our mood but ‘Better Together’ takes that feeling to a whole new level. The country singer makes you feel as if you are in a dream, listening to her gorgeous voice over the piano keys. Another song on the EP ‘Broken’ has a piano track you can’t miss. I really do feel a similar happiness listening to this song as I do when I’m in the theatre, it gives you the same emotions. Callaghan’s voice echoes in an elegant way on ‘Broken’ with a thirty-piece orchestra led by top British conductor Nicholas Dodd. The song was written towards the end of 2016 and reflects the state of politics in the Trump/Brexit era and how quickly things have moved “it happened as I looked away.” “The world I know has lost its feeling and turned its back and walked away.”

All listeners will be moved by Callaghan’s latest release and catch her while you can on tour as her voice will no doubt sound incredible live.

UK Tour Dates:
Tues 17 April – Liverpool – Studio 2
Wed 18 April – Cheltenham – Chapel Arts
Thu 19 April – Lincoln – Drill Hall
Sat 21 April – Brighton Unitarian Church
Sun 22 April – York – Basement
Mon 23 April – Glasgow – Oran Mor
Wed 25 April – Gateshead – Sage
Thu 26 April – London – Bush Hall
Fri 27 April – Buckingham – Radcliffe Centre
Sat 28 April – Colchester – Little Rabbit Barn

You can stream ‘Skin on Skin’ here.