Lizzy And The Palm’s Honest Song – An Ode To Vulnerability

by Marcus Adetola

28th October, 2023

Lizzy and the Palm's Honest Song - An Ode to Vulnerability

Lizzy and the Palm’s recent single, Honest Song, evokes raw vulnerability from the very first note. It grips listeners with an understated piano melody that sets the stage for Lizzy’s raw vocals as she leads you on a journey through her intricate mind, a candid exploration of the internal struggles she faces beneath the glaring lights of fame. The track, with its poignant lyrics, paints a picture of the internal tug-of-war between authenticity and acceptance. You feel the weight of her vulnerability – the paradox of yearning to be genuine while fearing the isolation that might come with it.

Lizzy and the Palm Honest Song cover
Lizzy and the Palm Honest Song cover

Produced by Adam Castilla of The Colourist, Honest Song showcases Lizzy’s adeptness at storytelling. As it goes deeper, echoing her journey of personal loss and introspection, especially in light of her mother’s passing.

Born into a lineage of artists – an American musical theatre composer father and a French choreographer mother – Lizzy’s artistic roots are profound. It’s evident in the way her music, with its warm and compassionate tone, resonates across generations and transcends genre boundaries. Named in honour of her mother, Marie de la Palme, Lizzy’s musical journey is not just a tribute but an extension of a rich legacy.

If this is the first time discovering Lizzy and the Palm, we implore you to also listen to her previous song, Feelings, where she masterfully mirrored love’s tender complexities.

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