Living in the Post Is The Alluring Single By Emma Negrete

Living in the Post is the new alluring single by independent artist Emma Negrete. She takes you on a journey of sounds and emotions with her unique style. In the first part of the song, her vocals swirl with defiance around the sparsed instrumentals. Lyrics evoke a spirited effort to stay grounded before breaking into a chorus that evokes a sense of triumphant joy. Emma refuses to be swept away with social media overload, and instead, she asserts control of her choices.

 “I wrote this song about gaining back the control of my own mind and overcoming being consumed by social media and expectation of my peers. “Living in the Post” to me, is a triumph song about not letting fears define the current moment. To be mindfully present is the real success and true freedom.” – Emma Negrete 

The Iowa native who is based in Los Angeles has created an exciting and intriguing debut solo single with Living in the Post. The song reflects the fusion of different genres and sounds from different eras.