Limón Limón’s Barcelona Night Takes You Back To Happier Times

by Lauren Williams

10th June, 2020

Limón Limón is back with their new single Barcelona Night which is inspired by, you guessed it, the amazing European city. If you’ve never been, give this song a listen and it’ll be like you’ve already walked along its vibrant seafront and strolled down its cobbled streets listening to the brilliant Spanish guitars and voices. The lyrics are so effortless, they could have easily been taken out of a novel:

Find me getting lost on a narrow road
Imagining the stories of the cobblestones
Just another day, heading on my way
To listen to the waves as I watch them break

Barcelona Night recreates the effortless, serenading guitars and couples it with 80s synths that guide you through their memories of exploring the city and evenings spent by the sea. It’s such a feel-good song, it’ll take you back to sunnier, happier times, and get you ready to plan your next holiday. I defy you to listen to this song without humming the tune afterward.

Despite being about a European city, indie duo Limón Limón is LA-based, comprising of Jason (vocals, guitar, and bass) and Rand (keys, synths, and drums) who perfectly infuse their West Coast roots with carefree, simplistic vocals. They have over 23,000 monthly listeners on Spotify and I promise you won’t be disappointed. They are great! 

If you didn’t catch our write up of their last track, Normal Now, you can re-cap  here.

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