Life ‘Sux’ Without CAPPA

by Remeka Washington-Wint

30th November, 2018

Photo by Lexie Alley

Every now and again a bop comes around about a break up that promotes female empowerment and ‘Sux’ by CAPPA is the latest. Straying away from a heart-breaking ballad, CAPPA is able to take a negative and spin it into a positive club banger. Instead of reminiscing about the relationship she talks about her moving on and being in a different space whilst her ex ponders what they’ve lost.

Born in Philadelphia, CAPPA made a splash as a pop songwriter in Nashville before moving to LA and making a name for herself with her ‘distinctly catchy yet clever pop writing’ which can be heard in ‘Sux’. As her career progresses the has gained the attention of Billboard and Nylon; to name a few and you may have even heard her songs in Urban Outfitters, H&M and Forever 21.

Treated me like I was a habit, didn’t know how good that you had it“, the relatability of her lyrics speaks to anyone who has been in a similar situation. Instead of talking about how sad she is or what her ex is missing out on she takes a more realistic approach discussing what happened next. The lines “you wanna check up and see how I been” and “not surprised that you’re tryna be friends” are what can happen after a break up when you don’t want to let go or regret your choices. ‘Sux’ is a song you can truly empathise with and CAPPA has created a classic.

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