Life In Lockdown – Interview With Aspen Martin

by Lucy Lerner

5th May, 2020

Aspen Martin draws you into the heart of his new project via the first track I H8U. With velvety vocals, and beautifully blurred R&B and rap, it is the perfect introduction to new EP Everything Or Nothing.

The 6 tracks continue in the same vein with moreish R&B peppered with memorable hooks, honest lyrics, and gliding hip-hop beats you will have on repeat.

Aspen Martin collaborated with a handful of renowned talent for his new EP. CMPLX (Drake, Rich Homie Quan, Roy Woods) produced the first 3 tracks ‘I H8 U’, ‘Can’t Relate’, and ‘I Know’. Stunnah Sez (Hopsin, Phora, Murs) produced lead single ‘Bad Ting’ and Tha Officialz, (6LACK, J.I.D, Mereba, T.I) produced finale ‘What You Need’.

Savannah artist left the music industry for 2 years to experience life and he has poured “a lot of love, heartbreak, pain, and joy“, into this new project which has been well worth the wait.

We caught up with Aspen Martin during lockdown to find out how he has been coping, learn more about his new EP, James Bond fandom and more:

Tell me about your new EP ‘Everything Or Nothing’
“Everything Or Nothing” is about my time away from music in 2018 and 2019. I had to live life, experience new things During this time I’ve experienced a lot of love, heartbreak, pain, joy, and in 2019 I dealt with betrayal, and a crazy comeuppance. It taught me that in order to get to where you want to be you have to fall, you have to lose it all before you gain it all.

What is your favourite track on the EP and why?
“What You Need” That is the most R&B dirty mackin type of song I’ve recorded so far. I actually did the first verse in one take. And 70% of that first verse was a freestyle. I remember my engineer and my former manager was just shocked to see how effortless that was. And those moments are EXTREMELY rare.

What TV show/movie would you like to have a track from your EP played in and which track would you choose?
I’m a huge James Bond fan so it has to be 2006’s “Casino Royale”. And the song I would use has to be “I H8u” mainly for the scene at the end of the movie where James lost his first love Vespyr, due to the criminal organization Quantum. I won’t spoil how she died but just know that she betrayed him and “I H8u” perfectly encapsulates
that moment.

Is there a hidden meaning or message in any of your music?
No, pretty much everything is out in the open.

How have you been coping in Lockdown – have you still felt inspired and what inspires you usually?
Mannnnnnnnnnn look lol. I’ve actually been taking this time to better myself during this time. A lot of reading and self-reflection these days. And that’s been inspiring me lately to create. Looking inward with myself and having some very hard conversations with myself.

Which artists did you listen to growing up and did anyone in particular influence you musically?
Jay-z, OutKast, Ginuwine, Aaliyah, Will Smith, and T.I. were usually the main ones I would listen to growing up. They’ve all influenced me in some way but recently I would have to say: Drake and PARTYNEXTDOOR.

What challenges do you face in the music industry?
Gaining visibility.

What lyrics, written by you or otherwise, have really resonated with you?
Drake has a line on “4pm in Calabasas” where he says “I got a lot to lose ’cause in every situation I’m the bigger artist always gotta play it smarter” – I won’t and can’t let myself get wrapped up in petty BS or with anything or anyone that can throw me off my path. I live by that.

Which artists/tracks have you been listening to lately?
I’ve been playing a lot of Sheff G and Sleepy Hallow (Breaking Bad goes stuuupid in the car) Lil Mosey – Blueberry Faygo Tough too and the Pala album from Friendly Fires still slap

What is your greatest fear?
Not reaching my full potential

What would your superpower be?
Gotta be super speed lol

What would people be surprised to learn about you?
I was in a commercial for a local children’s clothing store when I was around like 8 or 9 years old lmao

What’s next for Aspen Martin?
I’m working on the next project as we speak!! I will be releasing the full “Everything Or Nothing” at a later date this year. Outside of music me and a good friend of mine planning on having a few vending machines within Savannah and I’m working on a nightlife app.

Everything or Nothing is out now.

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