Let Nia Ekanem Be Your Shelter

by Lucy Lerner

10th April, 2020

Let Nia Ekanem be your shelter. Times are particularly tough for us all, but this song resonates with any struggles you are going through at any time. Nia Ekanem was inspired by personal challenges when he wrote Shelter but soon realised he didn’t have to face them alone.   

Shelter begins with beautiful strings and then Nia’s expressive vocals drop. The drums kick in and more texture is added in the form of gospel harmonies. As each layer reveals itself, like a long-awaited present, it touches your heart as you lose yourself in its vulnerability.

I’ve been beaten and broken, and I couldn’t take no more,
I can be your shelter for a while,
Just stay here with me and I’ll make you smile,
You’ve has always been a friend to me,
And you see the best in me,
So let me be your shelter for a while

The Birmingham-born singer-songwriter has released this poignant song at a time when we all need hope. We need to stick together, support each other and weather the storm together.

Remember, you are not alone.

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