Lee Bowie Returns With Exhilarating New Single ‘Jesus’

by Grace Lovejoy

15th October, 2019

Following the release of their previous singles ‘Celebrate’ and ‘Tubes’, Lee Bowie is back with a bang and it’s no surprise that their latest single ‘Jesus’ is packed with the kind of electro-pop energy that we all need to pull us out of our post-Summer blues.

‘Jesus’ is a track filled with vibrancy, fun and is exhilarating from start to finish. With distinctive vocals laced over a fast-paced, heavily energetic beat and melody, it is certainly a tune you’ll have on repeat.

Delving deeper into the thought process behind the track, the duo explains; “Jesus is the ultimate good guy in every story and is smart, kind and always pays for dinner. The story of Mr. Christ is also most likely fictional and because of that, he is as cool as the writers want him to be. That, in turn, makes him a kinda strange ideal to hammer into people, because we’re just people and we generally have bigger issues than some dude with a pen running out of ink and that may mess up our attempts at becoming angels.

“Jesus” is basically a letter of complaint talking about the harm in forcing your own ideals that you’ve built up based on your life on somebody else that may have lived an entirely different life.

There is something enticing about Lee Bowie that leaves you wanting more. It’s a relatability that somehow draws you in. I’m not sure whether it’s the unapologetic lyrics, the cheeky twist on an important narrative, or if it’s simply because it is one hell of a catchy song. Either way, I’m listening, and you should be too.

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