Laur Elle Finds Her Voice In A Noisy World With ‘Wallflower’

by Grace Lovejoy

22th May, 2020

Wallflower is the latest single from singer Laur Elle and it’s a song that can only be described as completely breathtaking.

Beginning with a fast-paced, repeated guitar riff sequence that builds tension for the track, we are quickly joined by Laur’s stunning vocals that instantly captivate and draw the listener in. As the track builds further, we are introduced to a modern and laid-back beat that creates a cool, alt-pop vibe. It will appeal to an array of music listeners, no matter their preferred genre.

The song’s meaning gracefully touches on the subject of having an introverted nature and some of the challenges this type of character can experience. Such as wanting to find your place in the world by showing who you truly are, even though you find difficulty in doing so in our chaotic and noisy world.

I’m not part of the crowd, I’m just passing by.
I don’t get what is so wrong about that because I’m doing fine

Laur Elle speaks on the track “It’s a song for anyone who has ever felt out of place, and for those struggling to find their voice in a noisy world” – The true essence of what it means to be a Wallflower.

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