Last Word By Nick Howe: Strumming The Heartstrings

by Marcus Adetola

7th February, 2024

Last Word by Nick Howe: Strumming the Heartstrings

Singer-songwriter Nick Howe’s Last Word resonates with emotional brevity and stark sincerity, as he tries to hold on to a relationship falling apart. He sings with a vulnerable delivery and adds guitar strums to convey a deep, visceral kind of sorrow.

With lines that come across like an intimate admission, he immediately draws you into his emotional turmoil, making you empathise with the struggle he articulates.

The beauty of Last Word lies in Howe’s raw delivery, capturing what it’s like to cling to the last shred of a dying relationship. When he hits the chorus, asking for just one last chance to be heard, you can’t help but lean in. Alice Hill lends the backing vocals here, adding to the emotional depth.

Give me the last word
Just this one
Cos I only want to be heard

I know it done
gonna say what I’m feeling
could it ever change your mind
give me the last word tonight

Nick Howe Last Word song cover
Nick Howe Last Word song cover

Breakup songs are not uncommon; however, Last Word is the kind you have when the world’s asleep and you’re left alone with your thoughts. Nick Howe’s talent lies in his ability to strip everything back and just let the emotion do the talking.

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