L30 Robinson Drops Dumb

by Marcus Adetola

1st July, 2022

L30 Robinson Drops Dumb

The UK rapper L30 Robinson drops the hard and aggressive rap track Dumb, spitting confident bars on a drill beat and ominous-sounding instrumentals. He drops idiosyncratic and catchy bars to separate himself from the rappers known for their TikTok one-liners. And, he takes no prisoners with the condescending lines on the track either.

You got nice flow, not one hit song
For a hundred pounds, I’ll make you one.

You can scream I’m on Radio mum
She can scream we’ve made it son

I hate to imagine his opps listening to lines like these. L30 Robinson takes full credit for writing, mixing, and producing Dumb. If you didn’t know about L30 Robinson previously, Dumb is a good starting point.

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