Kieran Mercer Releases Versatile New EP ‘Fools Gold’

by Narzra Ahmed

18th June, 2018

Vancouver artist Kieran Mercer has been working with producers Stephen “Koz” Kozmeniuk (Dua Lipa) and Michael Wise which has resulted in a 4-track EP called ‘Fools Gold.’

Mercer proudly acknowledges his musical influences throughout the EP, but also adds a modern, fresh take to these sounds. At only 4 tracks, Mercer still manages to convey a range of emotions with this EP and covers a variety of styles.

Along with the producers, he worked hard to harness the vintage influences that he has without letting these influences prevent a modern feel to the EP. The first track, ‘Friends’ is a great pop song with some very personal and quite biting lyrics (“You faked a pregnancy to make me come home”). If someone had told me this track had been taken from the latest Maroon 5 album, I would have believed them. They share similar styles and this shows Kieran Mercer’s potential to become a huge success.

Following ‘Friends’ is ‘Anarchy;’ another upbeat pop track. As the song title suggests, the lyrics talk about a relationship which has broken down and become somewhat chaotic.

‘Outrun the Pain’ is more somber than the other tracks. There is an aura of determination (“try to slow me down? Oh hell, no way”) and the beats are very contemporary with a slight R&B feel.

The final track, ‘Skip the Line’ is slightly more mellow and a nice way to end the EP.

Mercer’s talents and hard work are reflected in the ‘Fools Gold’ EP. He says he is happy with the outcome and I believe fans will be too. Once you’ve heard ‘Fools Gold’, you’ll have it on repeat. I know I will.

You can stream ‘Fools Gold’ here.

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