Kennady Tracy Releases Her Thoughtful Debut Numbers

by Lucy Lerner

23rd January, 2021

Nashville singer-songwriter Kennady Tracy releases her debut single Numbers. The multi-layered song weaves yearning vocals with twinkling notes and emotive strings. It begins fairly stripped back but soon builds in texture and sentiment with a memorable chorus, “me and numbers we don’t get along, cos they speak sensibly, they’re never wrong”.

“Numbers” is a song I wrote about overcoming difficult situations in life. After moving past breakups, working through problems big and small such as body image issues and just insecurities we face growing up, it is so incredible to feel recovered. However, it seems like everybody still has those days where you mourn that lost relationship, think about that hard time or remember a little detail about it which can send you back into that headspace you were in when you were going through it; details such as someone’s phone number, or the weather in your old hometown, or being scared to look at yourself in the mirror, etc.”

Kennady Tracy continues, “I hope this song can apply to not just romantic relationships, but family relationships and issues such as body image. It was a therapeutic song for me to write and I hope it is therapeutic to listen to as well.”

Numbers is a thought-provoking song, and Kennady captures the nostalgic aesthetic with a melancholy tone. It’s one of those songs you need to listen to a few times and you will find something new to appreciate each time you do.

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