Kelli-Leigh Ghosts The World For Just For One Day

by Lucy Lerner

23rd April, 2020

“I’m gonna ghost the world”

There is so much going on in the world, in our lives, sometimes we crave just 24 hours just for ourselves. British artist Kelli-Leigh captures this feeling in Just For One Day which describes a day from waking up to her phone ringing “could be work, could be anything” and the feeling of taking time out and just breathing, “I’m gonna take the space to let my feelings heal“.

The music video features stunning shots of the City and Kelli-Leigh enjoying her much needed time to herself. Her sister who is studying film shot the visuals and Kelli-Leigh edited them.

“sometimes you just need to take some time out, reset yourself to build your energy, and not speak to anyone.”

Ironically the song was written and the visuals shot pre-coronavirus, but it feels very relevant to all the noise surrounding us at the moment despite being in isolation.

“Little did I know when it came to the release, the world would also be self-isolating. Now when I watch the video back, it feels slightly post-apocalyptic.” – Kelli-Leigh

Kelli-Leigh releases Just One Day via her self-funded label Music Core. Her gentle vocals shine over loose-limbed instrumentals and sweet harmonies that create a summer-breeze feel. The melody is very catchy and the repetitive chiming and lyrics of the chorus reiterate Kelli-Leigh’s message.

A remix of Just For One Day, produced by Future Kings, will be released in the next few weeks.

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