‘Zim Zimmer’, the new track from Lulu James gives off a slight Reggaeton vibe at times and with its UK Garage House-influenced synth bass line of the ’90s, alongside a group vocal wreaking of traditional, African bliss, it is the throwback Dance tune to round off your summer nicely.

Lulu embraces and showcases her Tanzanian roots authentically, with the help of renowned musicians DJ Max, Rudimental’s Amir Amor and the Musai Warriors of the Lucas camp from James’s hometown in Arusha, Tanzania. The result is a colourful piece of experimental, summer dance music. And let’s not forget the beautifully performed Electric guitar melody, which almost comes across as a bittersweet tribute to the late and multi-talented Avicii.

The accompanying visuals portray Lulu James reconnecting with her cultural heritage by revisiting the Arusha tribe she grew up in.

‘Zim Zimmer’ is a “must-listen-to,” and for many beautiful reasons, which includes Lulu James’ fearless decision to bring her roots back to Dance music. Listening to compositions such as ‘Zim Zimmer’ shows Africa’s musical influence over Salsa, especially when you feel yourself moving your hips around to Zim Zimmer’s Afro-Cuban rhythms. It is obvious that Lulu James does not wish to follow Dance music trends or convention and instead has decided to fuse styles of music which, from a mainstream perspective, have been long forgotten. Lulu James is ready to experiment with her musical roots and fuse them with underground Ibiza House music. She has done this so effortlessly in her latest release.

Lulu James’s new EP ‘3rd Culture Kid’ is set for release in September. The new single ‘Zim Zimmer’ is out now.

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