Karl Zine Serves A Symphony Of Mesmerizing Sounds On Call It A Day

by Marcus Adetola

6th January, 2021

Karl Zine serves a symphony of mesmerizing sounds on Call It A Day. The new single is a brilliant fusion of electro-pop, R&B, and Jazz influences. Karl narrates a vivid tale of the complexities of a broken relationship. Although not a new subject, Karl sonically shines as he takes you through the heart-wrenching motions leading to the breakup. Everything on the song works in tandem, from the gentle guitar acoustics that carries an air of palpable anxiety to the vocal delivery and lyrical content. And the switch up at 1.26, our favorite part, is the moment of enlightenment.

I wrote this as an internal monologue between two people in a restaurant and one partner realises halfway through the evening that they’ve lost their way in the relationship and that they need to end it. It’s about anger, frustration with the unspoken, and the inability for two people to connect.

It’s deliberately repetitive musically until the final ‘eureka’ moment analogous with the way that you can feel trapped in a relationship, going over and over the same patterns, arguments or behaviours, without anything ever shifting or changing until one of you says what you’re actually thinking; ‘I guess this is where we call it a day.’
– Karl Zine

There is beauty in the simplicity and yet complex nature of the track that gives it a glorious sheen. It further distinguishes Karl as a fantastic songwriter and performer.

Karl Zine is releasing his debut album Hyper on January 8th, 2020.

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