Juni Poet Explains The Ways To Grow OldSometimes it’s hard to grow up despite having the responsibilities of an adult. And on the other hand, despite being young, you can feel so old, tired and slightly fed up with the world already. Juni Poet has written an interesting track with Ways to Grow Old. He feels exhausted with over-thinking and searching for a meaning in life. The song was inspired by Juno’s ADD diagnosis at the age of 24. Aspects of this are reflected in the lyrics, “got an itch in my brain, I hear echos, as I’m screaming out into the unknown“.

Swedish singer-songwriter Juni Poet has written, produced, performed, mixed, and mastered a track which is very personal to him. Despite being fairly stripped back there are so many layers of emotion to uncover. The production feels very organic which only adds to the narrative. Juni’s vocals are rich and raw, and there is a hazy feel towards the end as the song drifts away on a cloud.

But there’s many ways to grow old
Maybe I’m old
I have lived for a thousand years or more
In my head, I have traveled the whole globe
Been through weather and climbed every mountain
Now I don’t know
Where I came from