JUICYPEAR Spreads A Little Joy With Keep Your Love On

by Lucy Lerner

15th February, 2021

Husband-wife duo JUICYPEAR is back with another infectious single Keep Your Love On. Following their 2020 single Golden Sky, we knew their future releases wouldn’t disappoint. They have found their niche in music which has a serious pull and focuses on the positive. With heavenly retro synth pads, dreamy harmonies, catchy hooks and their trademark disco groove, this song will make you forget all your troubles. The song was inspired by love and marriage – not always easy when you throw a pandemic at it. 

“Being married is not always an easy task. You may have to stretch in ways you never thought you would and talk about emotions you never thought you had. But throughout the process of being in this relationship with each other, you start to see your love growing for one another as you “use your words” to communicate and grow together. Keeping your love on for one another as you give each other space to grow and learn and be.”

Wise words from Jacob and Jasmine Mayeda who pour their emotions into their music to spread a little joy to their listeners.

We couldn’t not put JUICYPEAR’s singles on our feel-good playlist.

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