Joseph & Maia Share Their Love For Amsterdam

by Lucy Lerner

20th May, 2020

“They say nothing lasts forever”

It’s easy to get lost in dreaming of past travels and special memories, particularly during this time. Joseph & Maia share their love for Amsterdam in a nostalgic song and music video as they reminisce about one of their favourite places. The husband and wife duo have created a stunning alt-folk song to relay their love not just for the city but of memories that are meaningful to them.

Joseph comments on Amsterdam, “the song is somewhat of a love letter to our favourite city. We both felt instantly at home when we arrived in Amsterdam for the first time. It was home for a year, and most days still feels like it is where we should be. 

“We’re constantly dreaming and reminiscing about our favourite cafes, streets, canals, wild nights, career highlights, experiences and people in that city. We spent our days drinking coffee, writing songs, playing Yahtzee, and planning for the next leg of our crazy tour across the continent. 

Amsterdam is filled with gentle acoustics and intertwining harmonies. The visuals reflect the intimacy of the song by the husband and wife duo as they share snapshots of their time spent on tour. You can hear the wistfulness in their vocals as they remember the good times. 

They say nothing lasts forever
Soon enough we will all be gone
Sometimes I still sit and wonder
If we go back is it ever going to feel the same for
You and I, you and I
You and I in Amsterdam

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