Jillian Lake Portrays A Relatable Vulnerability On XVII

by Marcus Adetola

5th December, 2021

Jillian Lake Portrays A Relatable Vulnerability On XVII

Grief is relatable, although conveying the emotion is not straightforward. However, Jillian Lake captures a surreal moment as she vividly traverses the various layers of grief with XVII. Her vocals flow fluidly with the pure essence of vulnerability on the soft and out worldly instrumentals. She immerses herself in the darkness with poignant lyrics as she steadily finds the resolve to grow into the light.

XVII is a song about grief, and finding yourself all messed up in the aftermath just watching the world go on around you. A lot of floor-laying, a lot of driving down endless gravel roads, and a lot of shouting into the abyss. When you lose the sense of yourself and even breathing is hard. It’s a song about trying to find your footing again.”  – Jillian Lake

Look out for Jillian Lake’s new album set for release in Winter 2021.

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