Jewelia Unveils Fearless New Single Is This World Mine

by Lucy Lerner

6th April, 2021

Jewelia Unveils Fearless New Single Is This World Mine

Jewelia unveils her fearless and stirring new song Is This World Mine. With an anthemic chorus, words that resonate and visuals that hit hard, this is one song you won’t forget easily. The Romanian born and London-based singer-songwriter has captured an inimitable spirit in her new single which she self-produced.

“Is This World Mine’ is a song about feeling dislocated from reality. It’s not just about the pandemic, but about all those other issues of modern society which were momentarily overshadowed, but are still there and will be, long after things get back to normal.

Is This World Mine taps into various genres and Jewelia’s vocals are powerful when they need to be but also serene. The music video is socially conscious and explores beautiful shots of our world along with moving images of destruction.

I don’t wanna look around me
I don’t wanna hear the news
Silent witness, silent victim
Is there nothing I can do?

Jewelia captures many emotions in her thought-provoking song which is out now.

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