Jaywop’s Video For Big Bad Is A Must-See

by Marcus Adetola

21th April, 2020

Jaywop’s video for Big Bad is a must-see. The lyrics detail Jaywop’s introspective musings on what he desires, what people want from him, and the inner confusion he suffers from, due to this. And the video reflects this with psychedelic and introspective elements that are prevalent.

The music video is a literal interpretation of his lyrics, and at the same time, it conveys its mood and emotion. There is a coercive rapport between both the lyrics and the visuals.

From the colourful neon lights that give off a psychedelic effect to Jaywop running out of gas, and pushing the car, etc. Every clip on Jaywop’s video for Big Bad is a representation of his lyrics. The details are well thought out and executed in the video.

I have watched it several times, and nothing is amiss.

For those who have listened to the audio already, the music video is a bonus and a must-see. And for those new to Jaywop, indulge in the creativeness of his lyricism and visuals. It’s colourful and entertaining!

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