JAYO Drops Hoodie To Woo An Ex

by Marcus Adetola

23rd April, 2021

JAYO is missing the girl wearing his HOODIE, and guess what? He made a song about it. It must be love or at least something special, as it’s a pretty dope track. JAYO raps about an ex who took his HOODIE, all in an excuse to see her. It’s a nostalgic track with an infectious hook with a bop. His delivery is on point, playful, yet it has a sincere tone to it. With this track blasted on TikTok, JAYO should get the girl and the hoodie back!

“This song is about a time a girl took my hoodie and I really missed her…I mean it. I lost my hoodie which she “borrowed” months ago making me question whether or not I should call her. In verse two, I see her still wearing the hoodie, even though she found a new lover. In reality, I’m using the hoodie as an excuse to connect with her in hopes that she still misses the relationship as much as I miss the relationship/hoodie.” – JAYO

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