Jamie HannahSinger-songwriter Jamie Hannah has returned in 2019 with his delicately nostalgic anthem ‘Sound of My Youth’. The tracks sensitive musicality and analogous use of water combine to create, what can only be described as, a beautifully haunting track.

‘Crying out for sunshine, still expecting rain’ sings Hannah in his characteristically full vocals. There is a depth and level of control to his vocals, that is perhaps a result of his training in Opera at The Royal College of Music, and this track gives him the space to really show the extent of his vocal range.

Starting slowly with a collection of ethereal synths, the track soon intensifies with the inclusion of Hannah’s voice. It’s a track about painful memories from a previous relationship that continues to disrupt your life months, and even years, later. A melancholy sentiment that Hannah captures perfectly.

Having spent 2018 working with Boy George (with their collaborative single ‘House of Truth’ being released on Boy George’s label later this year) and Benny D, it’s clear that Hannah has already garnered some pretty serious industry support. This year will see Hannah embark on a run of live dates, and with the suggestion of new music already in production, it’s clear that the sky’s the limit for this musician and performer.