Jakob Leventhal’s Purple Everywhere Transports You Into A World Of Calm Bliss

by Emma Reynolds

2nd October, 2020

As soon as Jakob Leventhal‘s indie/folk track Purple Everywhere begins to play you are transported into a world of calm bliss. It’s like the perfect soundtrack of the night. The beautiful pitter-patter of synth notes begins to play and then the gentle hum of guitar strings creates immediate serenity.

Jakob Leventhal’s husky voice sings over the track about the overwhelming emotions one can feel when experiencing a place of familiar pain or discomfort and how everywhere is surrounded by those thoughts and feelings.

“Purple Everywhere is about a synesthetic response to painful memories in a specific location. It’s about returning to places you’ve been before under different circumstances, and reliving those memories to an almost overwhelming degree”. – Jakob Leventhal

Elton John mentioned the singer-songwriter on Beats One and said “he has this kind of fresh-sounding take on the 1960s Simon and Garfunkel and it’s beautiful stuff”.

Leventhal has hit the ground running at age 20 and has spent the last decade of his life writing and composing music. He was raised in New York by a family of musicians and his style of music draws on his personal experiences of trauma and this is most definitely reflected in his song Purple Everywhere.

If you are someone that enjoys Lo-Fi music and discovering new, unique artists Jakob Leventhal is someone you should check out.

Purple Everywhere is out now and is available on all major music platforms.

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