Jadu Heart Returns With The Dark & Dreamy ‘Purity’

by Scott Boarer

11th March, 2019

The enigmatic alt-pop / electronic duo Jadu Heart return with their first offering of 2019, ‘Purity’. The duo signed to Mura Masa’s Anchor Point records continue their steady flow of releases into the new year, ahead of Manchester and London shows at the end of April.

The track opens with a dreamy acoustic guitar melody accompanied with the spaced-out vocals you associate with the duo from records like ‘The Love’ and ‘I’m a Kid’ sucking the listener into a trance. As always, the vocals are provided by both Alex and Diva, the way they complement each other will always be one of their biggest strengths. But on the 1:29 mark the track turns with the introduction of bouncing drums, brighter electronic melodies, and distorted vocals. This is one of their most upbeat numbers since the Mura Masa collaboration: ‘unevercallmebutidontmindecauseimintheclub,’ I assure you that’s not a typo.

The softer melodies then continue accompanied with a growling bassline adding an edge to the general dream-like vibe of the record. ‘Purity’ showcases all the strengths of the group by combining their signature sounds of spacey vocals and the electronic drums,

The duo remains one to keep an eye on due to their constant experimentation and variation. Could this be the year they release the follow up to their wonderful debut album ‘Wanderflower’? Until then make sure to check out ‘Purity’ along with their relatively small but magnificent back catalogue.

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