J.O.Y x Dan Bravo transcends the earth with Stardust, their space-bound single. It encapsulates the euphoric emotions of falling and being in love. J.O.Y takes you on an extraterrestrial journey with his luscious vocals that weave into warm ethereal instrumentals serenading a lover.

Stardust is a perfectly paced R&B love song, blooming with every musical element introduced into it, and it gets better and better.

“Stardust is all about the potential of a love. J.O.Y sees the potential and describes it as a metaphor, where he wants to go to space with her until he can’t anymore. This song describes pretty much every relationship. We always look for something better to reach but in the end we should focus on what we have and acknowledge the good and the bad. My Inspiration was to build a song around illustrations (in this song particular the space and the stars).” – Dan Bravo