Iris Zhang Delights With small ache

by Lucy Lerner

19th December, 2020

There is a beguiling wistfulness to Iris Zhang‘s new single small ache. It feels melancholic and nostalgic and the music video set in Christchurch, New Zealand where Iris grew up adds to the sentimental feeling. Silky vocals float over poetic lyrics, jazz instrumentals and a contemporary R&B and neo-soul landscape.

small ache ties in themes of love and loss and Iris Zhang captures the listener with an honest charm. When the song ends you feel an ache in your heart.

Darling I know, our kind of love, it wasn’t the plan
But people they change, I hope that you, you understand
That out kinda love was like an old tape on replay
And you couldn’t wait, and I couldn’t stay
To watch til the end

Unbelievably small ache is Iris’s first original single – she is a qualified lawyer by day but her heart belongs to music. This passion comes across in small ache. We can’t wait for Iris Zhang’s debut EP set for release 2021.

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