Interview With AMiR

by Terry Guy

3rd November, 2020

A million miles away from AMiR’s last single I’m On Fire, which delved into minor-chord structure, dark synth music production, his new single Got It For You throws us back to the classic, pop music territory we all embraced on the singer, songwriter and producer’s debut album All Or Nothing.

Like the rest of AMiR’s well-received portfolio of brilliantly-crafted tracks, Got It For You delivers a catchy hook and memorable lyrics, showcased in the chorus sections where West London’s Indie pop star sings at the top of his lungs “I know you love me, I feel it for you, trust me, I’m begging you to hold me, everything you want, everything you need, baby I got it for you.” And with the UK Garage rhythm on the heavy-set drums, the instrumentation of the trumpets, Funk-driven, electric guitars, and AMiR’s pitch-perfect, husky voice he is notably famous for, you will be transported to warmer climes during this cold, Winter season.

We were interested to know if there was a second album in the making, so before the second Lockdown, Terry Guy had a drink and a chat with AMiR. In a beer garden in South East London’s New Cross Gate, Terry asked the multi-talented music artist from Wembley what he has in store for his fans during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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