Indulge In Pity Party In A Crowded Room by Hannah Trager

by Marcus Adetola

21st April, 2021

Indulge in the dreamy heartbreak love song, Pity Party In A Crowded Room by Hannah Trager. It takes you on a journey of self-discovery and features all the fears, doubts, and confusion that come with a breakup. Hannah balances sobering and empowering qualities on the track that makes it resonate deeply. Adept vocals on the atmospheric instrumentals from the songstress usher a sentimental and measured buildup leading to a crescendo. At which point you cast all doubt behind and find closure.

Pity Party In A Crowded Room may be a sad love song, but the anthemic qualities make it triumphant.

Pity Party In A Crowded Room is the first single from my first EP, The Full Story. I’m kind of viewing this song as Chapter 001. This song is the start of a new sound, new voice… But all the songs on this EP are part of my story. They’re true, they’re mine, and I’m so excited to share them. Welcome to the beginning! ” – Hannah Trager

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