In My Head Is A Sweet Dose Of Nostalgia From Moonrunner83 x King Protea

by Lucy Lerner

23th April, 2020

In My Head is the essence of synthwave with glittering analogue synth lines, a distinct 80s vibe, and silky vocals. If you don’t picture yourself roller-skating down a boardwalk in a satin bomber jacket with palm trees swaying behind you then you’re just not feeling Moonrunner83’s style.

Canadian songwriter/producer Moonrunner83 and King Protea have created one whimsical song with In My Head. Steeped in nostalgia with lush electro-synth basslines, the textures are so moreish you can almost taste them. 

“‘In My Head’ was an absolute blast of a collaboration. As soon as I heard the track, I instantly heard the ‘in my head, in my head lyric. I loved the idea of exploring something sweet and nostalgic, a love that is truly patient and not afraid of the dark parts of our minds. The track offered the perfect landscape for that. – King Protea

In My Head bursts with neon vocal hooks and feels clean and crisp. Moonrunner83 and King Protea are onto something with this sweet dose of nostalgia. Now, where are my roller skates?

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