Immerse Yourself In The Emotional New Single Body Body (Acoustic) by Victoria Victoria

by Marcus Adetola

6th November, 2020

Immerse yourself in the emotional new single Body Body (Acoustic) by Victoria Victoria. With soaring vocals that flow fluidly interspersed on the piano acoustics evoking intense emotions stifled in a memory from childhood of an intimate nature.

Victoria Victoria wrote the original song four years ago during a time when she hated her body so much it overwhelmed every aspect of her life. A friend advised her to write a letter to the parts of my body she was ashamed of the most. She says, “The letter I wrote that evening turned into my song, Body Body, by the end of the week. Since then, I’ve had both good and bad days concerning my body image, but this song has remained something of deliverance for me.

The original song was released in 2017 but this year Victoria Victoria wanted to release a version that sounded like her original one and the acoustic version was born reminding her of the whole journey. The emotion is palpable on every note of this stunning acoustic piano ballad. 

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