Illicit Ghost
Photo by Michael Vecchio

With a title that can relate to most of the millennial generation, it’s no wonder ‘Drunk and Alone’ draws the listener in and captivates them until the last second of the track. The delicate sounds of violins work nicely with the backing vocals both of which are created by Illicit Ghost, in order to create a somewhat eerie atmosphere almost too similar to a sad drunken state. The pure rawness and transparency of the song come from Ghost observing how she feels when the sounds surround her and from there what words will come from it. Although the track is filled with lyrical metaphors the underlying theme of it all, is the ability to find understanding with being misunderstood. We shall be hearing more from Illicit Ghost in 2019 and if it is anything like what we can hear from ‘Drunk and Alone’, I am sure more incredible things are yet to come.