Idle Youth Releases The Brilliant Song Pompeii

by Marcus Adetola

29th May, 2020

Idle Youth releases the brilliant song Pompeii which features glorious 80s synths, and drum sounds that are captivating. It’s an amalgamation of vibrant sounds that glow like bright warming colors on an exceptional canvas. The vocals on Pompeii surf the electronic instrumentals producing a soothing effect. There is a hint of nostalgia that gives the track an endearing quality.

What started as a more lo-fi, surf sound has seen us progress into more post-punk, new wave influences where we have a very electronic feel to our live shows now. ‘Pompeii’ represents this transition perfectly – Idle Youth

Idle youth is from Camden Town, London, and they came together as a band in 2018. Pompeii is their 7th release to date.

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