How Doja Cat Added Her Twist to SZA’s Kill Bill Remix

by neonmusic

20th April, 2023

How Doja Cat Added Her Twist to SZA’s Kill Bill Remix

SZA and Doja Cat are two of the most popular and talented artists in the music industry today. They collaborated on the hit song Kiss Me More, released in 2021 and became a global sensation. Now, they are back together with a remix of SZA’s Kill Bill, a track from her 2022 album SOS.

SZA – Kill Bill Feat. Doja Cat (Remix)

SZA’s original version of Kill Bill is a powerful and emotional song that draws inspiration from the Quentin Tarantino film of the same name. The lyrics express SZA’s feelings of betrayal, anger, and revenge towards a former lover who wronged her. The song has a dark and cinematic vibe, with SZA’s soulful vocals soaring over a haunting piano melody and dramatic strings.

Doja Cat’s remix adds a new dimension to the song with her signature rap skills and playful personality. Doja Cat opens the remix with a rapid-fire verse, where she boasts about her success, confidence, and charisma. She also references the Kill Bill movie, saying “I’m Uma Thurman with the sword” and “I’m Lucy Liu with the chopsticks“. She then joins SZA in the chorus, adding harmonies and ad-libs to the original hook.

The remix showcases the chemistry and friendship between SZA and Doja Cat, their different but complementary styles. SZA brings raw emotion and vulnerability, while Doja Cat brings fun and flair. Together, they create a dynamic and catchy version of Kill Bill that fans of both artists will love.

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