Houdini Komplex’s A Lions Share Is All About Bars

by Marcus Adetola

12th May, 2020

Houdini Komplex’s A Lions Share is all about bars. Deft precision lyrics are like a machine gun with a scope hitting bullseye nonstop over an ominous beat and instrumentals. Houdini is playing chess with bars, definitely not checkers. I suspect choosing Houdini Komplex as a name is not by chance. Lyrically he is bound to bring Fila back. It’s entendre galore on A Lion’s Share. I can go into more detail about the track, but I believe it would be better to settle down and discover this UK rapper on his turf. So put whatever you’re doing down and listen to the track. Fortunately, he didn’t just drop one single, but a five-track EP Sonnets from the Trap. It’s enough to enjoy this wordsmith at work.

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