Hoover Dam Is An Electric Collaboration From Charlie Jones x Òlah Bliss

by Lucy Lerner

1st April, 2021

The sun’s out, it’s a long weekend, so looking for that song to blast out and match your mood? Look no further than Hoover Dam by Charlie Jones featuring Òlah Bliss. The song has cross-genre appeal with a driving beat, smooth, melodic vocals and catchy lyrics. Charlie has an appealing confidence and charm on Hoover Dam. Òlah always adds that special something to every song and looks like we’re not the only one who agrees – it is an electric collaboration.

“I wrote this song with The Lab and then sent it to Olah Bliss who the Lab are working with. Olah loved the song and added her parts – super excited to have her on the song and she has made it fire!!! I love her voice.” – Charlie Jones

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