Honas Escapes The Daily Grind With Cash Machine

by Lauren Williams

11th July, 2020

Cash Machine is the third single by Honas, revolving around the struggles of finding yourself exhausted, struggling financially, and not finding a clear path to follow. That being said, Cash Machine was written to “poke a little bit of fun, to distract from that sense of doom that can creep in.” So, it’s a pretty jovial song really! The chorus is supported by a child-like sounding beat that ups the track to a happier place.

Living in Dublin during his 4-year Commercial Modern Music degree, Honas found himself in the envious position of watching his Law degree and Engineering friends follow a set career path whilst he worked in jobs he hated, just to get by.

This fuelled his inspiration for Cash Machine. A heavy synth-pop track that has the creative flavourings of Bon Iver, Pheonix, and S.Carey. The Bon Iver-esque bridge and helicopter synth section swiftly lead back into the catchy chorus which will leave you humming it all day long.

It’s such a cleverly constructed tune and, Honas has absolutely nailed it!

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