Holly Abraham Releases The Beautifully Melancholic Love Will ComeBurrow deep into Holly Abraham’s mind and heart with her debut EP Love Will Come. Glide on effortless melodies, sweeping instrumentation and at the very heart, Holly’s raw vocals which convey every emotion. The fourth single from the EP also entitled Love Will Come is beautifully haunting and melancholic. It’s about taking time for real love and touches every nerve to the core. Layers and layers of elongated strings and rich horn and piano are elevated by evocative synths, powerful lyrics, and husky, honest vocals.

“I wrote this song as a positive reminder (often to myself!) that real love does exist, it is on its way and it is absolutely worth waiting for! It’s an encouragement to look beyond fleeting loneliness and instead aspire to build real, worthwhile relationships that will last beyond temporary emotion.” – Holly Abraham

Holly Abraham’s debut EP takes you on a journey of love, heartache, and mental health. It exudes real emotions and bittersweet vulnerability.

“Each song is about a different struggle I’ve had in my own life, so during the writing process I found it was important for me to hold the tension between conveying real, honest emotion in that difficult space, whilst still maintaining hope for what lies ahead.

My hope for this record is that being real about my own mental health struggles will give permission for others to also feel “not okay”, whilst inspiring all of us to endure the dark seasons and hold out for the gold that is found just on the other side of hardship.”

Holly Abraham is a Welsh indie-folk artist who is based in Bristol. Her EP is heartfelt and candid and I imagine it would sound incredible live in an intimate setting. Amongst the abundant instrumentals, there are moments of quiet intensity that bring the emotions to the forefront and make it a truly unforgettable experience.

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