Hard To Forget René Miller’s Forget To Forget You

by Lucy Lerner

12th April, 2020

René Miller releases the memorable Forget to Forget You. It is an accomplished, glossy, soft-rock song with a very catchy hook. Electric guitar patterns gather pace while synth swells erupt with warmth.

It’s very clear from the lyrics what René Miller is saying. Forget to Forget You is simply about not being able to get over an ex-love even though you know you should. Even while kissing someone else, you are still thinking of your ex:

Feels like a 9 to 5 getting over you, you
I kiss a strangers lips still I think of you, you
Oh I hate that you’re still on my mind
It don’t get better the harder I try
So maybe I should forget trying to forget you, you, you

Miller has released a gorgeous song with pop and soft-rock sensibilities in the vein of Charlie Puth and Maroon 5. The silky vocals and immaculate arrangements make it hard to forget René Miller’s Forget To Forget You.

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