Hannah Gross Pours Her Feelings Into New Single Tell Me

Hannah Gross pours her feelings into her new single Tell Me. Bittersweet acoustics and melancholic vocals make for a beautiful song. Unique, haunting sonics set it apart from a typical “sad gal love song” and the melody gets stuck in your head. Tell Me is more vulnerable and sorrowful compared to Hannah’s previous electro-pop releases Birthday and Fuck the Party. Hannah Gross is a versatile indie-pop artist based in LA.

“This is a sad gal love song. It’s raw, vulnerable, and delicate. It’s about knowing that the relationship is doomed to fail. It’s about hearing everything you’ve been waiting to hear from the one you loved, but knowing they said it all too late. It’s about letting go and moving on, but knowing that you’ll have to carry the pain of heartbreak forever. “ – Hannah Gross

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