‘Handmade Heaven’ Is An Impressive Comeback From MARINA

by Narzra Ahmed

20th February, 2019


MARINA‘Handmade Heaven’ is the impressive comeback from MARINA which stays true to her sound without trying too hard. It is a sophisticated pop offering which sees MARINA’s return to the music scene after 3 years of being away.

‘Handmade Heaven’ features the award-winning and platinum-selling artist’s stunningly unique, ethereal vocals. It was produced by Grammy award-winning Joel Little, who has also worked with Sam Smith, Lorde, and Khalid. A piano-based, self-penned track, MARINA imagines the world as an uncomplicated place, which is comparable to the beautiful creatures around her (“In this handmade heaven, I come alive”).

The video accompanying this track was directed by Sophie Muller, in which imagery and colour feature heavily against a backdrop of snow.

MARINA has spent the past two years writing and collaborating with esteemed names such as Sam De Jong and Camille Purcell. ‘Handmade Heaven’ offers us the first glimpse of what her forthcoming new album may sound like.

She also spent time reflecting on her authentic self as opposed to her ‘and The Diamonds’ persona which she carried from the age of 22 when she signed her record deal.

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