Half Alive Releases Vibrant Debut Album ‘Now, Not Yet’

by Thomas Harvey

12th August, 2019

half•alive is the LA alt-pop trio with songs that are lined with infectious hooks encased by their genre-defying productions. Releasing their debut album, Now, Not Yet, fans are given everything that was promised and more including collaborations from Kimbra and Samm Henshaw. 

Now, Not Yet contains many of the popular singles that you may have heard previously from the band with tracks like “Still Feel”, “Arrow” and a personal favourite of mine, “Runaway” all released ahead of the record. Continuing on with a sound likened to an early Two Door Cinema Club, the album holds a strange mix of genres like rock, hip/hop and pop that creates a series of colourful arrangements. 

Beginning with ‘ok, ok?’, a grungy electric guitar swell rings across into a more playful sound that is typical of the band. One of the best parts about half•alive is the ambiguity of the sounds. One moment you hear choir-like vocals and the next you are given these piano lines that come with swelling synths. Tracks like, ‘Pure Gold’ and ‘ice cold. (feat. Kimbra)’ all contain these swift contrasts of instrumentation that keep my short millennial attention span engaged. 

half•alive is on to something unique and yet comfortably familiar and if this album is anything to go off then the band have a bright future ahead of them. 

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