Gorran Drops Relatable Track I’m Sorry

by Marcus Adetola

22nd June, 2022

Sorry seems to be a hard word to say, especially in cases where you are in the wrong. However, London-based alt-pop artist Gorran makes it look easy on the infectious track I’m Sorry. He takes us through the highs and lows of the relationship through bouncy instrumentals and heartfelt vocals. The chorus is insanely catchy and one you will be humming for a long time.

“I wrote ‘I’m Sorry’ when I was in a very confusing place in a relationship. We weren’t being honest with ourselves or with each other about how we were feeling, so I wrote down everything I wanted to say to her, and this song was the result. The lyrics are very sad, but the instrumental is playful and childlike, representing how we were hiding our true feelings from each other at the time.”

I’m Sorry is the first single from Gorran’s 7-track debut EP, Grown Up set for release in July 2022.

Gorran’s London Live Dates

July 7th – Laylow, London, Notting Hill
July 11th – The Half Moon, London, Putney
July 27th – The Bedford, London Balham

Gorran’s new track Are You Mine is out now.

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